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No food, no tributes, no… Nothing. Great. He quietly cursed under his breath, hunting wasn’t exactly going well. Leeroy had already been gone for a couple of hours, well he was guessing, he was never good at keeping track of time and that sort of thing. Still, the District 7 tribute wanted to get something, whether food or info on the enemy; something was better than returning with nothing. The thought of just turning around and going back to find Dorian nagged at him, but he decided on searching the area a little bit longer. Leeroy never wandered too far off though, too far away to see each other but, close enough if he ran into trouble, his ally would hear him shouting on the top of his lungs. Leeroy knew full well he couldn’t take on more than one tribute without Dorian’s help, regardless it’d be one of the last things he’d ever admit. Some things were better left unsaid. 

So yeah, no animals, edible plants nor did Leeroy even spot another tribute the past couple of hours. Well he did find one small edible plant, one sour grass, it was too small too count though. Leeroy guessed there used to be a patch of them by the tree a few yards behind him, but of course some other tribute must have beaten him too it. He’d been slowly munching on the stem for the past five minutes, except it was making him too nostalgic. The same type of sour grass grew in District 7, it was pretty common for people to pick some and munch on it during a lunch break or something. A lot of his old buddies used to joke about how it-

Leeroy quickly shook his head, not wanting to finish that train of thought. It was just gonna ruin his mindset if he kept his head in the clouds for too long, daydreaming of the past wasn’t going to do any good. It was over, it was done, and he had (mostly) come to terms with dying after being reaped. Mainly because he was aware shortly after arriving to the Capitol, that he couldn’t bring prosthetics into the arena, the Gamemakers were so kind to the amputee tributes, oh wait.

Well whatever, with or without prosthetics, being an amputee was difficult. Learning how to do everything again, people staring, asking about it, taunting about it. Always constantly reminding him. It was all hard to cope with at first. Eventually Leeroy had gotten the hang of learning how to function with only one arm even when he didn’t wear his prosthetic.. still if anyone said the wrong kind of comment, Leeroy would snap at them right away. Sometimes getting violent and breaking anything nearby. Kicking things over, punches to the face or kicking the person in the leg, most likely the shin. The district 7 tribute was a bit of a hot-head.

Ugh. Even the taste of the sour grass was still throwing him off, homesickness was really starting to wash over the boy, so he didn’t even bother to finish it. Leeroy immediately spat out what was left of the stem and flower, and then spit out some saliva for good measure, trying to get the taste off of his tongue.

The rain was starting to annoy him though, his hair was getting drenched and the sixteen year old really disliked rain, not just because it got his hair and clothes all wet. He was one of those weather people, the weather affected his mood slightly. Rainy days definitely made him feel gloomy and sun days happier, etc. Since he only had one arm, he couldn’t flip up his hood to block the rain. This was certainly a pain, so he had to do it fast.

Swiftly the District 7 swung his axe into the ground, the blade dug at least an inch into the dirt, so the handle was sticking up. Letting go, he quickly used his free hand to yank the hood over his head. It probably wasn’t any longer than 5 seconds, but Leeroy was extremely uncomfortable when letting go of his axe. He didn’t have any other weapon on him, so he was a sitting duck whenever he put it down. So after flipping the hood up and snatching his lumber axe back, he glanced around again.


He was still alone and let out a sigh of relief. It would’ve been awful to put down his axe only to get attacked at the wrong time. Well that didn’t matter anymore. It was probably time to go back and track down his ally. Hopefully Dorian found food or something, because Leeroy hadn’t any luck.

So he began wandering around the area a bit, and looking around for Dorian. Too bad they couldn’t just call out for each other, would save a lot of time. After passing through some trees, right around one of them, too his far left was Dorian, but, wait.. Something wasn’t right. Leeroy didn’t recognize the girl near his ally. Eyes widened, he tightened his grip on the axe, however he caught himself before calling out a warning. The two weren’t fighting and for a split second Leeroy thought she was an enemy, but no, they were just walking. He inhaled sharply, trying to slow down his now racing heart. The teen got all worked up for nothing.

Hey!" He called out to the pair before making his way over. Glancing over at Dorian he added. "I leave for a few hours and you get yourself a girlfriend?”

Congratulations." Leeroy stated dully. "So what happened, who is she?


Honestly he had enough of waiting, impatience was really starting to gnaw at him. Gingerly Riven let go of his left arm, and he noticed right away his right hand was now covered in blood, gross. The seventeen year old took a deep breath before scanning the area one final time, and the coast was still clear. It was now or never.

And he chose now. Suddenly, Riven swirled around to his right and darted out. As fast as he could, the tribute sprinted past the area, it wasn’t a good place to be. However he had no choice but to cross it, getting around it was more of a risk, it took too long, and time wasn’t something he had to spare.

There were a few trees and such around, but they were smaller and farther between than the others, it wouldn’t be hard to spot him running through it, so Riven tried to pick up the pace. He didn’t have any food on him, nor water, but he knew with the light rain finding more wouldn’t be a problem. Food on the other hand, well, he’d cross that bridge when it came to it. It saved his sanity that way. His backpack, that had food in it, was way back at the Career group. Since he had to leave run for his life, of course he left it behind. There was no time to grab it after things took a turn for the worse, with all of the others trying to kill him now. Back when he had formed the plan, the only thing he didn’t think of was if it failed. All in all, the District 2 tribute was lucky to still be alive.

((So Leeroy didn’t run into Riven and ally because they would just end up trying to kill each other. Either your chars find him or I’ll think of something.))

The only thing he could hear was the faint tapping of rain drizzling down around him. Silently he had been waiting in the same spot for the past hour and a half. The light droplets of rain almost sounded relaxing, but he was determined to stay completely focused on the task at hand. Usually staying here meant the plan was; wait for a tribute would pass by, simply ambush them at the right moment and slit their throat with his kukri. If that failed and he missed, well, he could always try to get a few stabs in and wait it out until they bled to death. At the very least, he could damage them. Just not this time, especially not after his other plan ended in disaster roughly an hour ago. Right now, Riven was just trying to keep out of sight. His yellow-green eyes scanned slowly from the left to right. The meadow seemed clear, the rusted playground was quiet, no one near the piranha infested water.. Where was everyone? Mainly the Career group, no doubt they’d be hunting him from now on.

The thought of changing location had crossed his mind but it’d be wiser to stay put a little longer, sticking around for thirty minutes or more, wouldn’t be a bad idea. He’d really hate to leave and a couple of minutes later walk straight into the Career group. On the other hand, staying just meant he was wasting time. After weighing the pros and cons of both options, the tribute decided on staying, for another 10 minutes.

It was a shame that Riven was impatient, having green hair was definitely an advantage when trying to camouflage. Except the district two tribute didn’t like waitin’ around. If he had it his way, it would be brute force, rush in there and fucking attack any living being. Fortunately for him, he had seen enough of the past Hunger Games and knew charging in wouldn’t end well. And common sense plainly told him it was foolish. Plus he was injured, various cuts, scrapes and a stab wound, trying to kill anyone at the moment would be a death wish.

The stab wound on his left arm was actually starting to hurt, looked like all the adrenaline finally wore off. Glancing down, he noticed the blood had stop gushing, only lightly dripping off of the bandage. Regardless, Riven sheathed his kukri and used his right hand to apply more pressure. Couldn’t afford to lose any more blood.

The wound wasn’t enough to be fatal from blood loss, not after he cut up and tied strips of his hoodie around it to stop worst of the bleeding, but it was definitely enough to slow him down in battle. Which was pretty bad. Riven wasn’t keeping track but if he had to guess it’d probably be ten to twenty hours left before the morphling withdrawal symptoms hit him full force. Anything after that, fighting would probably be hopeless. He almost groaned at the thought, but kept his jaw clenched shut, wouldn’t wanna ruin his cover.

Scan the whole area again.

Clear, clear and still clear.

Letting go of his bloodied arm for a few seconds, Riven quickly tugged up the collar of his hoodie closer to his neck, even if the rain was light, after this amount of time it was gonna leave the boy soaked if he stayed out here any longer. Since the District 2 jacket was a dark maroon color, he couldn’t use the hood. Green vs maroon. Green won. Bummer.

Slowly he exhaled, noticing his breath right away. Yeah, the temperature dropped a bit, no doubt it was the game makers doing. He brought up his left hand, brushing his forehead, trying to unstick the damp hair. At least the rain was washing away the dried blood that reeked.

Okay, it’s been long enough. He decided, another victim tribute was going to show up, Riven probably would have spotted them by now. If he wanted to leave this spot, now would be the best time, seeing as he was in no condition to fight anyone at the moment. Anxiously, he tightened his grip on his left arm, weighing the pros and cons again.

((There’s Riven. Idk about Leeroy, I’ll throw him in later when you post Dorian.))

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A Thousand Words


Silence is the speech
of a thousand words
waiting to be said,

noise is the speech
of a thousand words
being said,

and a kiss is the speech
of a thousand words

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Owl plucks yellow leaf
Onetree plucks white feather

Laughing together

Rubbing tender skin & bark


Dropped whitefeather
Lodges in knot
In Onetreetrunk &

Yellowleafbeaked Owl
Marches around Onetree
Wishing ardently &

Whitefeather does not fall




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his emotions turned fiercely on him, and fought


Sat gripped, betrayed by emotion,

Making himself pale and ghastly

Lips parted, eyes filled with strain

Deep with infliction

Petals dying away

Allow your quiet heart to lead you

Return, homeward angel, to inner quietude

As of late, you’ve become restless in chasing

Inviting misfortune

Hold to your course

Return with small steps,

  Then progress will be made

Relax your will, and let everything go

 Bringing upon mystic peace

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